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Power Saver-001

Part No.18,000 W

Power Saver-002

Part No. 30,000 W

Power Saver-003

Part No. 50,000 W

LED Lights

Part No. 3/5/9/12/15/18/20/21/24 W

Supplying the best on the market

Reduce up to 30% of Electrical Consumption.
Plug and Use
Absolutely legal
Stabilize electrical current at your home and small office
Immediate Results on your first month Electric Bill
Quick Return on Investment
Suitable for Houses, Condominiums, Apartments,
Shop lots, Restaurants, etc
Plug & Saved
Here is a smart way to save up to 30% of your electric bill. Power Saver USA provide solution with the best results, the best quality & the best price in the market
This high-tech product can monitor incoming power and adjust the input to meet the demand of electrical appliances. It also eliminates energy wastage and extends the service life of electrical appliances.

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Power Solution Specialists

Global Power Saver has rapidly grown into one of the Power Protection Industries most respected providers of Uninterruptible Power Supply & Generator solutions. We take great pride in the customer care we provide our clients and this focused approach forms the backbone of our company philosophy.

With over 150 years of experience in our technical team we have the skills, knowledge and know how to cope with all types of power protection problems.

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As an Power Saver apprentice you will:

  • Work alongside experienced staff
  • Gain job-specific skills
  • Earn a wage and get holiday pay
  • Study towards a related qualification (usually one day a week)

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We have accrued many business and industry accreditations, including: